Markita Lewis, MS, RD

Markita Lewis, MS, RD

Markita has an interest in the biological, social and cultural aspects of eating.  She enjoys writing about nutrition and wellness, food justice and policy, cultural food ways and the psychology of nutrition. You can find her at

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man looking in fridge

How to Stop Eating at Night and Lose Weight

A little self-reflection may help you resist the urge to make clandestine trips to the fridge.
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alarm clock inside refrigerator

Types of Intermittent Fasting

There's more than one way to incorporate fasting into your daily routine — and the benefits can e...
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tired man

Why Are You Always Tired?

If you're dragging your feet day after day, it may be time to assess your daily habits and stress...
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invigor8 collagen peptides jar and woman measuring waist

How Do Collagen Peptides Support Weight Loss?

Supplementing with collagen peptides can take your weight-loss routin...
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