May 12, 2021 2 min read

By Lauren Panoff, MPH, RD

Collagen has been studied for its potential ability to support weight loss, improve skin health and alleviate joint and ligament pain. You may be wondering whether collagen can help suppress appetite and how this works in the body. 

How Collagen Affects Appetite

The structural protein collagen makes up 90% of your connective tissues and 70% of your skin, so it makes sense that it could benefit outward appearance and mobility. But what does that have to do with appetite suppression?

In its pure form, collagen is a clean protein that can help promote satiety. Studies have found that gelatin, a complex similar to collagen, can reduce appetite among individuals regardless of whether or not they are obese. As such, having a smaller appetite can lead to eating less overall, which ultimately results in weight loss. 

Protein is known to be a filling macronutrient that can contribute to weight loss and healthy weight maintenance. Its satiating effects have long been studied, finding that protein content of meals is a large influencer of how satisfied you feel after eating. 

In a 2009 randomized controlled trial published in the journal Clinical Nutrition,researchers examined how consuming a custard supplemented with different protein sources impacted appetite among 24 healthy adults. The protein sources included casein, soy, whey, whey without glycomacropeptide, alpha-lactalbumin, gelatin and gelatin with tryptophan. 

The researchers concluded that alpha-lactalbumin, gelatin and gelatin with tryptophan were able to reduce appetite 40% more than the others, and reduced food intake by 20% among the subjects.

A 2008 study found that a single gelatin-containing meal was able to trigger a rise in plasma levels of the appetite-reducing hormone glucagon-like peptide-1, followed by a rise in insulin in the blood. Researchers noted that, as such, gelatin (or presumably collagen) could help maximize the satiety of individuals pursuing weight loss. 

Other Roles of Collagen in Weight Loss

Of course, reducing appetite isn’t the only factor in promoting the achievement of a healthy weight. In addition to appetite suppression, taking collagen also appears to offer other benefits for weight loss. 

Other studies have found that collagen supplementation can boost metabolism by increasing an individual’s lean muscle mass. Collagen is the major structural protein in skeletal muscle. 

Taking collagen, in combination with regular muscle-building exercise, can help increase metabolism over time and even maintain lean muscle mass. Having more muscle mass leads to more calorie burn. A faster metabolism, burning more energy, can lead to desired weight loss as well as maintaining weight. 

Best Collagen For Appetite Suppression

INVIGOR8 hydrolyzed collagen is formulated with collagen peptides plus microencapsulated Vitamin C for maximum bioavailability. This type of collagen can be helpful in reducing appetite and supporting weight-loss and weight-maintenance goals, while also encouraging the body’s natural synthesis of collagen. 

You can enjoy one scoop of INVIGOR8 Collagen Peptides per day, dissolved in hot or cold beverages of your choice. This product is unflavored so it can be incorporated into your diet easily, and contributes minimal calories.

INVIGOR8 Weight Loss Supplements

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