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November 29, 2018 4 min read

By Ana Reisdorf, MS, RD

As pressures at work increase, good eating habits and structured exercise routines go by the wayside, and before long you’re struggling to balance a hectic lifestyle. Take a look at these fast and handy fitness and health tips for working professionals that don’t consume much time, but can help working professionals stay healthy and fit.

Take the Stairs 

Of course, this may not be a feasible option if your office is on the 40th floor! That being the case, you could also take the stairs up to a certain floor and then take the elevator from there. Do what works for you, but get into the habit of heading for the stairs rather than the escalator or elevator whenever and wherever possible.

Walk to the Office

Do you live near your office? Try walking instead of relying on your car or public transportation. When you exercise, your body requires less sleep, so it may be worth it to reapportion 30 minutes of sleep time to walking.

Don’t Forget to Hydrate

Start your day with a glass of warm lemon water and a pinch of sea salt. This simple concoction helps flush out harmful toxins in your body and boosts the production of bile for better digestion. Lemon water absorbs uric acid, thus reducing aches and inflammation in knees and joints.

When your schedule is hectic, you will tend to grab convenient beverages. Instead of either artificially or naturally sweetened drinks, be sure to drink lots of water throughout the day — especially during warmer months. Get into the habit of carrying a BPA-free water bottle to ensure you maintain healthy hydration throughout the day. 

Avoid Alcohol 

Alcohol should be avoided as much possible, but at times you may want to indulge in a cocktail at business events. Be smart and steer clear of high-calorie alcoholic beverages like margaritas or mai-tais and instead opt for vodka and soda, red wine or a light beer.

Schedule Workouts

Work out in your office! Just a half hour every day in 5- to 10-minute increments is all you need. You’ll find lots of free videos for quick workouts on YouTube and elsewhere online.

Outline a daily exercise schedule for each week, preferably at the same time each day. Seeing this item on your calendar will decrease the odds that you'll skip out on a commitment you've made to yourself. When you are short on time or traveling frequently, you must maximize every moment. During workouts, focus on quality instead of quantity and prioritize intensity over duration. Choose full-body workouts, circuit-training intervals and other high-intensity methods to optimize your workouts. These tactics reduce the time you need in the gym to build muscle and lose fat.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Don’t underestimate the importance of a good night’s rest. You should get at least 6 to 7 hours of sleep per night, so your body can cope with the stress and pressure at work.


Plan Well in Advance

Working professionals need to prepare ready-to-go meals in advance.To begin your day, you need to have breakfast. Skipping it shouldn’t be an option. Include plenty of fiber, protein, grains and carbohydrates for adequate energy. INVIGOR8 Superfood Shake is a readymade formula that delivers whole-body health and contains wholesome ingredients. Try some of our simple smoothie and breakfast recipes for a quick and nutritious jumpstart to your day.

You can also make lunch while you make dinner, killing two birds with one stone. Plan dinners with ingredients that can be repurposed. For example, crispy chickpeas and cauliflower rice will be just as delicious tomorrow in a salad with a lemon tahini dressing as they are with the sautéed kale you are enjoying tonight.

Keep Healthy Snacks Within Arm’s Reach

What about those “hanger” pangs in the middle of the day? It’s hard to just say no to the chips and cookies calling you from the vending machine during that mid-afternoon slump.

To help maintain your resolve, carry a bunch of healthier alternatives at all times. Pick up whole grain crackers, nut butters, dried fruit, mixed nuts and a bar of dark chocolate to keep at your desk, and stash pre-cut veggies, low-fat string cheese or cheese wedges and hummus  in the fridge. You are all set!

Always Eat Whole Foods 

Consume whole foods like fruit, nuts and legumes or cut up vegetables as much as possible. Whole foods contain the highest levels of vitamins, minerals and fiber. They also have healthy natural compounds called phytochemicals, including antioxidants that can prevent cell damage and boost the immune system. Whole foods come in loads of varieties; they aren’t boring or tasteless! Examples of dishes made from whole foods include peach cobbler, pear salad, mango salad, cream of broccoli soup, bean burritos, bean and avocado quesadillas, sweet potato veggie lasagna, vegetable pot pie, stir-fry vegetables and rice — and many more.

Carving out time in your busy schedule to attend to your health in your peak years will pay off in increased health, energy and mood in the short-term, and head off illness and infirmity later in life. Now that’s a job worth doing.

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